Meet The Pigs

Mally Moo Zawacki

Mally Moo is our newest foundation female and had a great little show season!  She was one of our favorites getting off the trailer in Duncan and she quickly became Kellie's most favorite!  Sweet yet sassy, cute but strong, and a sucker for a good belly rub, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this one.  

Genetics:  PBBS Justified x Scotty

Mally's Highlights:  Breed Champion Fairfield Valenswine Jackpot, Breed Champion I-45 Showdown Jackpot, multiple class winner and runner up throughout her season.  Showed at the HLSR Breeding Show 2024.


Rosie Roo Hernandez

Rosie Roo was the big surprose of the 2024 season!  She was a surprise find in Duncan, was the very first pig picked in our MSAOP draft, and she shined all the way to make sure she stayed to become an MSAOP keeper.  

Genetics:  Pirate's Bay x  Seein Red

Rosie's Highlights:  Reserve Breed Champion Cy-Falls Jackpot, Class winner at the Belt Buckle Bash, Reserve Breed Champion at New Year's Showdown, Champion Duroc at Seize the Freeze, Reserve Champion Duroc at the Oak Ridge Extravaganza, Breed Champion Duroc at the Fairfield Valenswine Jackpot, and showed at the HLSR 2024 Breeding Gilt show.  


Tinker Stinker Corgill

Tinker (also known as Tink the Stink also also known as Tinker Stinker) is a Chester White. She may be our youngest but she is the as strong as the big ones. She is very athletic and loves chasing lovers, owners, intruders, and anyone else that crosses her path. Tink spends her free time aggravating her sisters and practicing her opera/ manic screaming. Although allergic to it, her favorite snacks are whole pumpkins.

Genetics:  Proofs in the Pudding x Box Office

Tink's Highlights:  Reserve Breed Champion OPB Cy-Falls Jackpot, Grand Champion Breeding Gilt Tomball Progress Show, and numerous class winner and class runner ups before showing at the 2023 HLSR Breeding Gilt Show.  


Winnie WinWin Corgill

Winnie is as sweet as honey, but that does not mean she can't hold her own. She looks good and she knows how to show it. Winnie's back is so level you could eat your dinner on it (if she didn't eat it first). Winnie spends her free time in mud or with sticks. She enjoys annoying her sister, Lizzo, and strutting around the property, showing off her tree trunk legs. Winnie's ears sit high so she can always see when you have food, and she will always beg you for some. 

Genetics:  3rd Degree Burn x Stand Up

OFFSPRING HIGHLIGHTS:  Litter #3 x Say My Name:  Breed Champion Duroc at Cy-Falls Jackpot (3-4), Reserve Breed Champion Duroc at Waller Jackpot (3-7), Reserve Grand Champion Swine Spring Shootout (3-5), Breed Champion Duroc Waller (3-3), Reserve Breed Champion Duroc Oak Creek Conroe (3-4), 

Lord Maximus Farquaad

Lord Maximus Farquaad is our resident ladies man. He may be small, but he walks around like he owns the barn. Although he is not actually used for breeding, he takes his job as teaser boar very seriously. He certainly knows how to strut his stuff and loves meeting new people. He enjoys long walks around the barn to check on all of his girlfriends. He loves strutting by his girls pens asking "How you doin'?" His favorite pick-up lines include: "You must be my backyard because I really dig you" and "Should I call you a pig, because you're my babe".


Retired from MSAOP

Daisy from day one was sweet and in constant need for belly rubs. The bigger she got, the more belly she had to rub and she was thriving. She enjoyed running and spooking the other pigs in the barn. She liked to explore the property and ignore her owners. Her favorite snack was miniature pig treats and she would sprint to her pen to get them.

Genetics:  Bomb Squad x Feel the Burn


Retired from MSAOP

All the Rumors are true, yeah. Lizzo has been sassy since day one. She is built and knows just how to shake what her mama gave her. She struts Like a Girl when she enters any show ring and her babies are sure to take after her. Lizzo enjoys telling you Exactly How [she] Feels and showing off her Juice. Her favorite snacks include carrots, ice chunks, and anything else labeled as edible. 

Genetics:  3rd Degree Burn x Stand Up

OFFSPRING HIGHLIGHTS:   Litter #2 x Wrecking Ball: Reserve Breed Champion Duroc Fairfield Jackpot Ring B (2-6),

Mustang Sally:  Retired from MSAOP

Mustang Sally, named by our Westfield students, was kept at the Westfield barn for her first two litters. She was a long-term project for multiple students and has given many Spring ISD students their projects. She may look sweet but she will give you judgmental looks if you touch her babies. She isn't a biter but she has looks that could kill. Her dreams are consumed with food and more food. She enjoys going on walks, but only because she knows she gets a treat afterwards. Her past times include getting out of her pen, eating entire bags of feed, and destroying heat lamps.  She has been our best momma pig by far and her offspring have experienced significant success.  

Genetics:  Vicious x Monster Square

HER OFFSPRING: HIGHLIGHTS:  Grand Champion Spring Prospect Show 2020, Grand Champion Wusnche Prospect Show 2020, Grand Champion Spring Virtual Show 2020, Reserve Grand Champion Spring Virtual Show 2020, Champion Showman Spring Tri-Club 2021, Champion Showman Spring Prospect Show 2020, Champion Showman at the Wunsche Prospect show 2020, 3rd Overall Spring Tri-Club 2021, all 5 pigs from her litter made auction at Spring Tri-Club 2021 (3rd, 7th, 9th, 10, and 13th), multiple class winners, runner-ups and several animals showing at majors in Texas summer 2020.  Two keeper gilts kept,  Class winner Spring Prospect Show 2021.

Ruby:  Retired from MSAOP

Ruby was a genuine gem. She was a red beauty beyond compare and she had sass for days. She could be sweet but she could turn on you in a heartbeat. Ruby blessed us with one gorgeous red litter, but unfortunately decided that motherhood wasn't for her about two days after giving birth. Ruby is the mother of Lizzo and Winnie, two sows for the foundation. Ruby had legs for days that were the size of tree trunks and her babies took after her. Her favorite hobbies included being destructive, making people take care of her children, and snoozing.

Genetics:  Stand Up x Grandpa Jack

HER OFFSPRING HIGHLIGHTS:  Grand Champion Spring Prospect Show 2021 , 3 class winners at the Spring Prospect Show 2021, Class winner at the Winter Wipeout Show 2020, Three class runner-ups at the Winter Wipeout 2020, 3 class winners at the Texas Sleet Show 2021, 4 class runner-ups Texas Sleet 2021, 5 in this litter showed at the HLSR in 2021 and showed well.   4 gilts are currently being used to start show pig operations including two keeper gilts for us.

Mother to Lizzo and Winnie in the MSAOP Herd

Mabel:  Retired from MSAOP

We originally got Mabel to be our first breeding pig. Unfortunately, she was unable to produce piglets, so, the meet the pigs page is in honor of her. She was large and in charge. Her favorite person was Chad Schmidt, who she would follow all around the farm. Her favorite past time was chasing the sheep and living her dreams of being a herding dog.  She always enjoyed feeling her ears flapping in the wind as she ran. Her favorite treats were ice cream cones from Sonic and tall grass.

Genetics:  Hilljack x Big Rig x Hilljack