We started working with Dr. David Farnum in 2014 to help us keep our livestock projects healthy, eating, and performing at their very best.  Our ability to compete and to  be successful at the highest levels did not happen until we added these products to our feed plans.  We continue to make True North Supplements a critical part of our feed plans and overall success.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products or our experience and why we will not consider a project without these supplements.   You can learn more about True North Technologies by visiting their website at:   www.goinshowin.com.

A must have for our projects.  Supports overall health especially when coming into barns with other projects.

Supports overall health but more importantly helps to cool the animal and see a significant increase in hair growth (even in Texas summers!). 

Our other go to supplement!  This with TrueGlo helps us get the most our of every project!  Every project will have this as a part of their feeding plan from the beginning. 

We have been very pleased with this supplement this year!   We have seen good appetites and have noticed a difference in their health and activity even in the heat.  Excited to see how this impacts farrowing. 

Great supplement if you are going to multiple jackpots and shows to reduce some of the stress and keep them healthy and growing right. 

Best product we have seen or used to work with those animals that are incredibly stubborn and head strong.  Essential to get them walking and training right.

We are really excited about this product and introduced it to our herd and projects this summer.  

Great product used in conjunction with high protein feed to get that show look in the last 30 days.  Some of our biggest wins came from animals on TrueFit.