Season #7 Application Request will open in May of 2024.   We are excited to continue to partner with students and families wanting to reach goals with livestock production and agriculture education.

We work to offer many different scholarship and support options for our students and families.  Everything we do is free of charge and we offer multiple layers of support with care, feeding, health, showmanship, and financial support as needed.  

 There will be limited scholarships distributing all the funds we raise and have been given or promised by our generous donors.   

Full Scholarship

Animal and Feed

MSAOP will provide a scholarship between $500 and $1,500 to pay for almost all aspects of the project.  These are awarded based on financial need.    

Basic Scholarship

Animal or Feed 

 MSAOP will provide either $250 or $500  scholarship to help pay for the animal or to purchase feed and / or supplements. 

Partial Scholarship


MSAOP will provide the animal from our breeding program to the student at no cost to the student.  Some medical expenses such as castration may be the responsibility of the student and their family.   

Weekly Support and Training

We love to help and work to meet with students in person once a week or connect via text and videos to help with feeding, care, health, and showmanship of the animal through the completion of the project. There is no cost for anything we do.   


MSAOP Information for Teacher and Advisors

2023 HLSR Barrow Information

2023 HLSR Breeding Gilt Information

The application for Season #6 has closed.  We have reached our maximum number of students for scholarships.  Please email for questions or needs.